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Welcome to stitchery stories

Jun 16, 2021

Tanya Bentham is an expert in the style of hand embroidery known as 'Opus Anglicanum'. It is a style of embroidery that was prevalent in the 13th & 14th centuries in England. Very specific stitches are used in a specific way with specific materials and style.

Tanya shares her fascinating story of how she got started...

May 26, 2021

Vendulka Battais is a textile artist, quilter, embroiderer and designer who started her creative journey making clothes with her mum in the Czech Republic. She learnt simple patchwork when she moved to the UK and was looking for a new hobby!

Vendulka shares her fabulous story of where that early interest in patchwork...

Apr 21, 2021

Lorraine Turner is a textile artist who gives support for endangered animals through her vibrant textile art.

Lorraine has been a practicing artist for many years as a graphic designer, working on wide variety of commercial projects but her adventure into textile art started a few years ago, and she adopted the 'no...

Apr 11, 2021

Catriona Baird is Textiles Curator at Paisley Museum, in Scotland, which celebrates it's 150th anniversary on 11th April 2021.

Catriona shares the story of the Paisley pattern - that swirly floral stylised teardrop motif that pops up in so many designs and objects, as well as of course on the famous Paisley Shawls.


Mar 24, 2021

Dr Gail Cowley is the founder and director of The School Of Stitched Textiles. Through the school, Gail offers a range of courses from beginner through to advanced practitioner, in a range of textile related subjects.

As we hit the one year anniversary of Covid disruptions, lockdowns and challenges, we dig into many...